Electronic Resources for Paleoanthropology

This site has several main goals:

1) to provide a series of links to active databases in paleoanthropology; this concept grew out of a workshop about such databases held in New York in April 2007. A report has been published in Evolutionary Anthropology and a longer version will appear in PaleoAnthropology, the online journal of the Paleoanthropology Society

2) to serve as a portal through which users may search such databases from a single entry point without visiting their sites directly; this may direct users to those databases which contain information of the type sought and avoid those which don't. This aspect is being developed at present, building on the similar approach of The workshop participants determined that a separate site for paleoanthropology would be beneficial, given the distinct nature of the databases involved.

3) to encourage additional forms of electronic data-sharing in ways to be established

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Text is currently available in English, French and German. Additional languages may be posted if a volunteer wishes to provide translation assistance.

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